Rooted Beings /
Index Of Shapes
Eduardo Navarro

Location: Mallet Gardens and Wellcome Collection, London
Suit development: soft tissue studio
Photography: Wellcome Collection 2022
and soft tissue studio

the outer textile is printed and pleated bamboo shirting,
handsewn to a power mesh undersuit,
the under skin is hand painted in green - vibrant like fresh young bark breaking through the fissures of old growth. 

The bark print is derived from photos of the 200 year old plane tree whom lives in Coram’s Fields, London. The tree skin contrasts from shaggy dry fissures to shiny and smooth. The suits mirror that textural difference between vitality and agedness.
The exhibition Rooted Beings was a group show at Wellcome Collection that described the intellidence of plant beings. The treesuits were designed to embody the plane tree; one version of the suit was displayed at Wellcome Collection and later there was a performance of 5 treesuits in Mallet Gardens. 

Performers Elina Akhmetova, Iris Chan, Tania Soubry, Jia-Yu Corti, Mary Feliciano 
Produced by Vasanthi Argouin
Pattern cutter Jack Davey

To learn more about the work see the website of Eduardo Navarro