textile artist, set design,
furniture design, spatial design  and art direction.

soft tissue studio offers design, consultancy, sampling and production services. rachel@softtissue.studio

soft tissue studio is the practice of Rachel Schofield Owen. Established seven years ago, it has grown into a specialist textiles studio working in collaboration with artists, performers, designers and brands.

Rachel is a textiles artist and designer, whose skills have developed from a young person’s obsession with cloth, via education in fashion and performance design, into an expansive and deep textiles practice. Through research, design and fabrication, alongside her imagination and practical problem-solving skills, soft tissue’s ethos guides each commission for clients and collaborators alike.

Rachel is enthralled by the modularity, multiplicity and transformation of fabrics. A key part of this is a passion for both material provenance and resourcefulness as necessary approaches to changing environmental conditions.

Alongside soft tissue studio, Rachel designs work for the body, where both surface application and pattern cutting are integral @clothing 2

soft tissue ran a successful project during lockdown called Quarantine Quilt with Emma Slade Edmundson and Kathleen Palmer. More information on that project here

Rachel has worked on many projects with talented colleagues Jack Davey, Tara White, Fran Heap, Toby Saunders, Sally Evans, Hannah Williams, Kat Rothery and more.


soft tissue studio,

studio 68
albert jacob house
62 roman road
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