Bedworld, Honey World Tour

Designer: Lettice Drake, Sam Scott, David Doherty and Lyndon Harrison 

Production management: soft tissue studio

Production company: Konichiwa records
production management, 
inflatable development

of the Underground

Directed: Travis Alabanza and Debbie Hannan

Set design: Rosie Elnile and Max Johns

Fabric palace fabrication: soft tissue studio

Photography: Helen Murray
set fabrication,


Photograply: Jules Moskovtchenko

Styling: Hamish Wirgman

Set design: soft tissue studio
set design,

Latex letters
Who wants to be a millionaire ident

Director: Luke White

Production company: Kream

Production designer: Ben Austen

Designer / fabricator: soft tissue studio

inflatable development,

BBC 3 ident


Director: Natty Kasambala

Production designer: Bon Walsh

Production company: Riff Raff films

Inflatable design: soft tissue studio

inflatable development,

Hope, Joy, Youth, Peace, Rest, Life, Dust, Ashes, Waste, Want, Ruin, Despair, Madness, Death, Cunning, Folly, Words, Wigs, Rags, Sheepskin, Plunder, Precedent, Jargon, Gammon, and Spinach

Artist: Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings

Production: Artnight Walhamstowe 2019

Photography: Rachel Cherry courtesy of Artnight

Set design and production: soft tissue studio

set design,
set fabrication


Director: Georgia Parris

Costume designer: Holly Rebecca

Production company: Boudica film

Photography: Andrew Ogilvy

Custom clothing: soft tissue studio

costume design,
costume fabrication,

Hollaway Road,
Bas Jan

Director: Casey and Ewan

Costume design: soft tissue studio

Location: Bedwyr Williams' The Gulch exhibition at Barbican Curve
  costume design, 
costume fabrication,


Production company: Commonwealth Theatre

Designer: Rosie Elnile

Inflatable design: soft tissue studio

inflatable design,
inflatable development

Fran Lobo

Photographer: El Hardwick

Stylist: Neesha Tulsi Champaneria

Custom clothing: soft tissue studio

custom clothing