Azimuth  Zenith  Nadir

Location: Bergen Kunsthall
Set Design: soft tissue studio
Photography: Katarzyna Perlak

a deep puddle formed from stretched black rubber,
counterweighted by concrete paving, s-hooks and chain,
interlinked pvc cushions,
steel and leather swings,
quilted black rugs.

These items made up a topography that formed the ground for a live installation by SERAFINE1369. The environment was activated by performance, lighting and sound design, the water and audience’s engagement.

Performers Darcy Wallace, Natifah White, Jose Funnell
Lighting design by Jackie Shemesh
Sound design by Josh Anio Grigg
Produced by Nancy May Roberts

Swing fabrication:
metalwork by H S Design, leatherwork by Kingsley Walters Studio

To learn more about the work see the website of SERAFINE1369